The Mows are Back?

Yeah, wait a minute. Why is this comic un-gracing the internet again? Cat humor was so like 4 years ago.... Good observation. This is an anthology of the author's favorite strips from 2003-2008. Remade in HD, with new fonts, backgrounds, and new punchlines.

The iBook Edition

The Rolls Royce of formats would be to read on your iPad or iPad mini in the iBook format. These strips were re-confubulated for the Retina Display format and re-lettered directly in iBook Author for the best quality possible. Mac users with the free Mavericks OS can now read the iBook version on their computers!

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PDF / Read Online

We've got you covered no matter what your device or reading preference. Almost as nice, you can read as a PDF on your computer, Kindle, iPhone, Android or a bazillion other devices. The PDF quality may vary (a lot) by device, so for quality-control purposes you can read the entire book online.

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Attention Kickstarter Pledgers: If you pledged over $40, now's the time to pick out a strip to be hand-drawn and mailed your way.