Introducing MOWS

April 21, 2022
Introducing MOWS

We at MOWS believe in efficient and equal recruitment. Our mission is to build infrastructure to connect the right professionals to the right organizations, resulting in happier people and better workplaces.

In an ideal world, job-seekers and employers are efficiently connected. Each candidate is evaluated fairly and objectively with only one question in mind: Whether they are a fit for the position or not. There should not be a need for anyone to apply for multiple job openings and go through multiple interview processes just to get rejected on the final round.

Our main goal is for the MOWS platform to be the place for talent to meet future employers. Anyone can join our pool of professionals, get interviewed, and receive job offers in the future. There is no need to be interviewed more than once, unless the candidate wants a redo, and no one is put through multiple hiring processes. MOWS interviews are structured and evaluated based on data to remove bias from the hiring process.

For employers, our process for finding talent for an open position is simple, and it starts with carefully defining the requirements of any given position. We help the organization in outlining the required skills for the role, because we believe that mismatches can be minimized through careful definition of the job.

Once the requirements are clear, we utilize the MOWS talent pool to find a list of suitable candidates. MOWS interview specialists conduct technical interviews in order to assess the candidates and their potential fit for the job. If a suitable professional cannot be found from our pool, our global network of talent acquisition specialists get to work to find you the perfect candidate.

Finally, MOWS presents the customer with a shortlist of candidates, each of whom are vetted and deemed suitable for the position. The organization can meet with each candidate before making a final hiring decision. Our platform provides data to support the customer in making the right decision for their organization.

Our pilot program starts today, so if your organization is looking for IT professionals, please contact us. We'll be happy to help you find the best talent!

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