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About MOWS

MOWS is on a mission to create recruitment infrastructure that efficiently connects the right talent to the right organizations, resulting in better workplaces and happier people.

We have started with tech jobs and want candidate evaluation to focus on what really matters: Whether a person is equipped to succeed in any given role. Candidates are evaluated once, and MOWS only delivers serious and detailed job offers from organizations.

How it works


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Define your skills and book a suitable interview time for a role that you are interested in.


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Complete the interview and receive results. If you feel unsatisfied, you can redo the interview.


Receive Offers

Sit back and wait for amazing job opportunities that you can accept right away. A cultural interview may be required.

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All profiles, resumes, and interview results are presented in anonymous form to the hiring organizations. Your personal details are only revealed to the organization if you choose to proceed with the recruitment process.

Anonymized profiles and resumes


We break down the industry jargon to get to what you'll really be doing. All job offers contain detailed information about the organization, salary, and position. No more surprises and uncertainty.

Exact salary information
Fluff-free job descriptions worth your time


Our interview engineers only evaluate skills that are relevant to any given position. External attributes do not affect evaluation.

Skill-based evaluation
Structured interviews


Define which kind of organizations can offer you jobs. Organizations can be filtered by size, location and remote policy.

Full control of job offers
Multiple filters to help define your availability


Off-The-Shelf Hiring
Talent Acquisition
Off-The-Shelf Hiring
September 15, 2022
One Interview, Multiple Offers
One Interview, Multiple Offers
June 9, 2022
Outsourced Recruitment: The Easy Way
Talent Acquisition
Outsourced Recruitment: The Easy Way
April 27, 2022

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