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MOWS is the easiest solution for finding amazing talent.

Instead of spending months of time and money, sifting through hundreds of CVs, and wasting productive working hours on finding the right potential, you can focus on what's really important: Your business.

Our pool of talent is utilized to find you candidates that fit the specific needs of your organization. Each candidate is vetted, pre-interviewed, and ready to hire.

Start by defining requirements for the open roles and let us find the best matches from our pool of developers.

How it works


Define Requirements

Define the skills required for the roles you are hiring for. For example: Mid to Senior level React+Node.js Developer.


Browse Matches

MOWS will present you with profiles of ready-to-hire developers that match the requirements you have defined.


Make Offers

Make offers to the most promising candidates. If a candidate is interested, we will arrange for a cultural interview.

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We are currently looking for eager organizations to join our pilot program. During the pilot, we define open roles and present the organization with ready-to-hire professionals.

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