About MOWS

Recruitment is broken. We’re on a mission to fix it.

We believe that people are the most important ingredient to an organization’s success. Unfortunately, the current process of acquiring talent is badly outdated and hasn’t changed for decades.

We’re on a mission to build the infrastructure needed to connect the right professionals to the right organizations. Our goal is to eliminate the inconveniences of job searching and recruitment, leading to happier people and better workplaces.

The Team

Ari Rahkonen - CEO

+358 40 754 3966

Arto Lehtimäki

+358 40 844 2528

Values That Guide Us


We strongly believe that every organization should always put humans first. Our goal is to make people feel something, ensure mutual respect, embrace diversity, and cherish equality. We also believe in great customer experience.


When it comes to human relationships – whether it's at the workplace or with a customer – communication should be as transparent as possible. Transparent communication and an environment of openness leads to a better world.


Best results are achieved when people are allowed to take ownership of their own work. There is also more to life than work, which is why we believe in autonomy and allow people to adjust their schedules to best support their work-life balance.


Try and fail instead of not trying, move fast and break things. We learn by doing and we do not dwell on failures. Instead, we learn from them and move on. It is encouraged to be bold in trying new things, even if it might lead to failure.