Outsourced Recruitment: The Easy Way

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April 27, 2022
Outsourced Recruitment: The Easy Way

Hiring is time consuming, difficult, and expensive. Nailing recruitment and handling everything from sourcing to interviewing requires a great amount of effort from any organization, and the results may still vary by a lot. We are on a mission to change that by providing a turnkey solution for finding, evaluating, and hiring talent.

At the moment, organizations struggle in finding new talent while using countless hours on hiring. The time spent on recruitment could be better spent on productive work that generates value for the organization. Letting someone else handle recruitment solves that problem.

Outsourced hiring is nothing new, but traditional headhunters usually focus on the search of candidates. Technical interviews are not conducted by the talent acquisition partner, and finding candidates may take months. Even commissions are often high, making it very expensive to use outside help for recruitment.

MOWS is different. Our approach to outsourced recruitment is to look for talent globally and eventually form a pool of talent with ready-to-hire candidates. The organizations can focus on their core business while we take care of role requirements, technical and cultural interviewing, and full-service relocation of the brand new hires.

And it's not just organizations that we care about. A big part of our main mission is to make recruitment pleasant for jobseekers as well. No more applying to multiple places and going through multiple interview processes – MOWS only requires a single interview. If the candidate wants, we offer them the ability to re-do interviews to ensure that a bad day doesn't ruin the possibility for a good match between a potential employee and employer.

We utilize highly standardized methods of interviewing, including structured interviews and data-based evaluation. Our interview engineers are experts in their field, and they are trained in making sure that they get the most out of their interviews.

The workforce of today is global, and many people can work remotely from abroad. But for some jobs, being physically present is important. When location is key, MOWS can take care of relocating the employee to the city of the organization that commissioned the hire.

Join Our Pilot

We are currently looking for eager organizations to join our pilot program. During the pilot, we define open roles, source and interview candidates, and present the organization with ready-to-hire professionals.

If you are a professional, we welcome you to take part in our talent pool.

How our pilot works:

  1. We will help you define the requirements for the open role your organization is looking to fill.
  2. Our global talent acquisition experts will scour the world for potential candidates.
  3. MOWS interviews and handles the testing of potential candidates.
  4. You are presented with a shortlist of the very best professionals from which you can choose the one to hire.

Feel free to contact us by email or using the form on our pilot page!

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