One Interview, Multiple Offers

June 9, 2022
One Interview, Multiple Offers

Applying for a job is often a tedious process made up of multiple steps. First, you must scour job postings on different mediums to look for opportunities that match your interests and ambitions. Then, you must fill in forms and submit each application separately, often with customized content to match the job description and organization. And finally, if you are invited to interviews, you must interview at each organization separately.

Simply put, it's an exhausting task. 

But does it have to be? What if you could create one profile, go to a single interview, and then get evaluated by hundreds of organizations for hundreds of jobs?

That's what MOWS is all about. Our main mission is to make it easy for IT professionals to receive relevant job opportunities with detailed information and exact salaries.

How It Works

To get started on our platform, you can book your first technical interview on our website. Simply go to and sign up.

One of our interview engineers will conduct the interview and evaluate your performance based on pre-defined and standardized factors. Equal evaluation between candidates is ensured through the utilization of structured interviews.

After the interview, you will receive a report which contains information about your performance. If you feel like you could do better, you are welcome to redo the interview.

Once you have been evaluated, our clients can see an anonymized version of your profile. If they are interested, they can make you an offer.

Offers include details about the job and the organization in addition to exact salary information. It is then up to you to decide whether the offer is good enough for you to accept.

You may receive multiple offers at the same time, and should you reject an offer, you are asked to define why. For example, if the proposed salary is too low, it is very valuable for us and our client to know that. Your answers will help us provide you with more fitting offers later. It also allows for our client to raise their offer.

The Goal

Our goal is to minimize the effort related to job search and to make it easy for professionals to see all available opportunities that match their interests. On the other hand, our platform enables easy hiring for organizations, since the candidates have already been interviewed and their skills have already been tested.

We believe that the future of job applications is a marketplace where employers and professionals are efficiently connected, resulting in a better recruitment experience for all parties.

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