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We are currently looking for eager organizations to join our pilot program. During the pilot, we define open roles, source and interview candidates, and present the organization with ready-to-hire professionals.

If you are a professional, we welcome you to take part in our talent pool.

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the process

How the pilot works

1. Recruitment alignment
We help you define the requirements for the role and anchor the search goals to these criteria.
2. Talent sourcing
Our global talent acquisition experts will scour the world for potential candidates that match your hiring bar.
3. Assessment
MOWS interviews and handles the testing of potential candidates.
4. Final candidates
You are presented with a shortlist of the very best professionals from which you can choose the one to hire.

Recruitment. Reimagined.

MOWS makes recruitment easy and efficient for both organizations and potential hires.
Talent pool
Efficient hiring
Technical interviews
Equal Access
Evaluation Based on Data
Talent pool
Our approach to facilitating talent and removing recruitment related bottlenecks from organizations.
Efficient hiring
MOWS streamlines hiring by allowing organizations to stop worrying about recruitment and focus on what they do best: Building great stuff.
Technical interviews
MOWS Interview Engineers take care of evaluating candidates and assessing whether they are a fit for any given job.
Equal Access
Each and every professional on this planet will have access to MOWS and is guaranteed equal evaluation.
Evaluation Based on Data
We use structure and data to assess candidates to ensure fair and equal treatment while guaranteeing the best results for the hiring organization.